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The Water Softener Reviews

To stay healthy, you need to drink plenty of water. The water you drink should be safe, clean and pure. In as much as water is good for your health, hard water can cause a lot of effect to your health. Hard water can also create scum when you are washing. For this reason, you need to soften the water you use at home. By softening your water, you get clean and safe water for use at home. The Best Water Softener Systems effectively remove the hardness of water. There are several softeners that you can buy to soften your water. Here are some of the water softener reviews you can buy.


On the go OTG4 8000-grain softener

The on the go softener has 8000 grains. It is super slim and can reduce rust effectively. You can generate this clear waterproduct in just 15 minutes or less. You get a warranty of 5 years for the product and one year warranty for the head. It has an easy to carry handle.

You can connect the inlet hose easily thanks to its 360 degrees swivel. Besides, on the go water softener gives you large salt fill. The disadvantage of using this product is that you have to regenerate it every 20 days.

Soft spot Nomad portable water softener

The soft spot Nomad has a capacity of 1200 gallons, and it weighs only 22 pounds. Regeneration time takes only 10 minutes allowing you to get soft water faster. It is ideal for those who travel frequently. It has swivel connections and nylon handle. The good thing about this product is that it does not require electricity. However, it requires you to use special water softeners.

Watts RV PRO portable water softener

water dispenser The Watts RV PRO 10000 is one of the most popular products in the market. It is cheap, and you can use it with table salt. It is small and light in weight. Therefore, you can easily carry it around when traveling.

You just need 2 pounds of salt, and the system will be regenerated in 20 minutes. It is easy to set up and comes with test strips. The disadvantage of using the Watts PRO portable is that it has inflexible connection fittings.

The soft spot 4000 blue water softener

The soft spot water softener is a bit bigger with dimensions of 9 by 22 inches. It offers you with a capacity of 2400 gallons. You only need 15 minutes for this product to regenerate. You do not require electricity to use this water softener.…