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Are Bongs Exclusively for Smoking Cannabis?

Even people who have never tried drugs know a bong when they see one. Perhaps they’ve seen one in a movie, TV show, or even advertisements of a bong for sale, but have no idea how they actually work. Considering how cannabis continues to be downgraded as an illegal substance, bongs are more readily available, with specialist stores appearing online as well as on the streets.

What is a bong?

bonga glassIn short, a bong is a filtration device, made in a huge range of shapes and styles (always with a stem and bowl) to suit personal tastes. Water is placed inside, while the substance to be smoked packed tightly into the bowl, before the user lights up. They then breathe the smoke in, which becomes a smooth, soft sensation; thanks to the water’s action.

However, while most of us associate bongs with cannabis, is this really fair? Does their design allow for different substances to be smoked?

Let’s take a closer look.

Smoking Tobacco

As well as Cannabis, bongs are perfect for smoking tobacco. This is said to provide a much smoother, powerful nicotine hit than with cigarettes, and is believed to reduce the impact of the carcinogens and other harmful elements.

Smoking tobacco from a bong makes a refreshing change to cigarettes or a traditional pipe. It may also be more cost-effective than buying cigarettes by the packet in the long run.

Smoking Resin

Resin is the substance that remains in a bong after smoking cannabis, and while it may seem like a slightly off-putting idea, many people find huge pleasure in smoking it.

Resin does contain a large amount of ash, carbon, and tar, but is a useful alternative to buying new cannabis. Resin is found inside the bong’s bowl, so should be just scraped out and formed into a tight ball for smoking. However, take care – cooking resin creates high heat in the bowl, which may burn your fingers.


Collecting as Artistic Objects

While cannabis is seen as the sole purpose for bongs, some people do simply enjoy their design.

Bongs are produced in an extensive selection of colors and shapes, varying from more angular designs to sleeker, softer models. For fans, collecting bongs is immensely satisfying, and building an assortment to enjoy as a visual feature in the home is becoming more common.

Of course, having so many bongs available is ideal for people who like to smoke cannabis or tobacco on a regular basis, as they will always have a diverse choice. Bongs have also been known to be used as goldfish bowls, display pieces filled with fairy lights, and more.

As bongs become more socially-accepted, their design and function are sure to evolve in interesting ways.…