person's hand on sewing machine

Uses of Sewing Machines

Sewing machines are used to stitch different materials and fabrics together using threads. An English man called Thomas Saint, in the year 1970, invented the machines during the Industrial Revolution. They were meant to reduce the time spent on manual sewing. They hence, substantially raised the profits that were made by cloth making companies.

So far, the only worldwide known use of sewing machines is that of sewing things together using a thread, even though it is not the only use. There are numerous uses of these machines, but some fail to take capitalize on these developments. This article aims at discussing more uses of sewing machines.

Area of Application

Colorful Sewing & Cutting of Unwanted Threadsorange thread

Modern sewing machines are designed with a needle, a knife, and at least two spools of thread. The number of spools can be up to five, depending on the size and design of the sewing machine. The needle is meant for sewing while the knife is meant for cutting off unwanted threads. The spools of threads, on the other hand, are meant for holding threads of different colors & sizes. This helps sewers to apply the right size & color of threads when sewing.

Finishing Seams

The beauty of having sewer machines is that they can perform other duties like finishing seams. These machines finish seams in different ways. These designs include simple zigzag stitches, bindings, French stitches among others. This versatility makes them very reliable since they can do many tasks effectively.

Making Buttonholes

Modern sewing machines have been substantially modified to address the dynamics in the market. They can even be used to perform functions like making several buttonholes on clothes. It is different from the past when sewers were forced to make buttonholes manually on clothes. Nowadays the task has been made automatic. Sewer machines can quickly make buttonholes, as long as the needle is directed to where the buttonhole needs to be placed.

Making Decorative Stitches

sewing machineSewers no longer have to spend so much time trying to moderate decorative sews on clothes because these machines can perform the task. The sewer machines have been designed with numerous decorative styles that need just to be fixed at the point of decoration.