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5 Tips For Effective Potty Training For Kids

Potty training a small kid is not an easy task. It takes time and effort. However, with a little bit of patience, it can be done. To achieve this feat satisfactorily, you need to learn and play by the rules. Alternatively, you can adopt a training program like the 3 day potty training. Failure to train your child at the right time and in the right way is a recipe for failure.

Top Tips

Observe your toddlertoddler playing

Before starting potty training, you need to watch your kid carefully. From there, keep a record of all the times when your toddler pees. Keep an eye on any particular pattern, like your toddler may pee after every meal. Once he has established a particular routine, you will get to know that he is ready. Timing is vital. If you start too early, then it will cause a lot of problems for you.

Only one trainer

Only one person or trainer should be involved in potty training. This way, it will be simpler for your child and you as well. The trainer should be that person, who interacts with the toddler regularly and understands what he wants. It could be anyone who has a real connection with the child.

Nevertheless, in exceptional cases, it may not be possible for one person to devote so much time for potty training. In that case, more than one person needs to be involved. Just make sure, that everyone uses the same words and the same techniques so that the toddler doesn’t get confused.

Familiarize them with the bathroom

Before starting the potty training process, it is important that you help your child familiarize with the bathroom. When you are using the bathroom, allow your child inside the toilet. Make him or her perform simple functions like flushing the toilet or using the toilet paper. Your child will slowly get used to it. When the actual training starts, he or she will feel much comfortable.

baby on pottyMake changing diapers look difficult

Before you start with your training, you should make your child understand, that changing diapers is a tough and uncomfortable task. Try to make that process a bit uncomfortable for them as well. So that, they are scared of changing diapers and eventually starts using the toilet.

Motivate and reward them

Potty training is usually a very long process. It will take some time before your toddler eventually gets accustomed to the toilet. It is important that your child always stays motivated. Praise them for every small thing they do correctly. Also, make sure that you reward them. The reward could be anything, a bar of chocolate, an ice cream or anything that your child is fond of.…