driveWhat car is the easiest to drive?

This is a question that usually runs on the back of people’s mind when they want to go to a driving school or when they want to purchase a car. In this write up we will look at the easiest car to drive as well as the steps you should put into consideration if you want to learn how to drive it.

Most new cars often come equipped with an automatic transmission as a standard. However, it’s still possible to pick up a manual vehicle, depending on what type of car you want to drive. Typically, vehicles with a standard transmission, or manual, usually rely on the driver to shift gears as the car accelerates. This is one of the reasons why it is easy to drive a manual car.

Tips on How to Drive a Manual Car

Tip#1:Placing the key in the ignition:-

Place the car’s key in the ignition and then press carefully the clutch pedal. Note that manual transmission cars cannot start when they’re in gear. Apply pressure to your break pedal using your right foot and then turn the key in order to start the ignition.

Once done, release the emergency brake that is on the driver’s side dash or the center console. Basically, the location of the emergency break will be determined with the model and make of the car.

Tip#2: placing your Hand on the Stick:-

Place the right hand on the stick and then slide it carefully in the 1st gear position. The 1st gear is simply the slot all the way the left in most vehicles. Release the clutch slowly till you feel it’s beginning to catch, and then apply to the gas gentle pressure. The reason for this is to start moving the car as smoothly as possible.

As the vehicle accelerates, give it more gas and remove the foot from the clutch. Gain speed and then depress the clutch once again, with simultaneously releasing gas.

Tip#3: Shifting into Second Gear:-

Shift into the second gear that is directly before the first and then release the clutch slowly while at the same time giving the vehicle gas in order to get up the speed you want. This process should be repeated when dealing with the other gears.

Tip#4: Depressing the Clutch:-drive

When you need to slow down, depress the clutch and then at the same time hit the brakes. Pop the vehicle into neutral while waiting at a stop sign, and then begin shifting from the first.

Last, but not least, these are the steps you should put into consideration when you want to learn how to drive a car. By now it’s my sincere hope that you’re aware what car is the easiest to drive and how you can drive it. Thank you.

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