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Top reasons you should buy a massage chair

Do you experience body pain after a long, exhausting day at work? If you do, then a massage will help a lot. However, the problem with this is that you may feel too tired to head to a salon or spa to have it done. And also, hiring a professional masseuse or masseur can get very expensive especially if you go for home service. So, why don’t you invest in a massage chair?

Yes, it may cost you some money, but you will definitely save some cash in the long run, not to mention the endless health benefits that you can reap from it.

Still wondering if buying a massage chair is a smart move or not? Below are the top reasons you should go for it.

1. Relieves stress

man holding headWith the different challenges that you have to face everyday, whether it be at work or home, you can clearly tell that the level of stress that people experience daily is constantly on the rise. What will happen if you don’t find a way to relieve stress? You won’t be able to function properly, and you will feel irritated at almost everything.

If you have a massage chair, you will have access to a relaxing massage treatment whenever you are stressed out. Hence you can go back to a cheerful and refreshed you.

2. Convenience and privacy

Owning a massage chair is quite convenient because you won’t have to drive anywhere just to get a massage. You can also use it anytime you feel like it, unlike when you go to a spa that you have to adhere to their business hours. Also, having one at home provides you with full privacy.

3. Regular massage therapy

As we all know, massage therapy has a lot of benefits. Aside from it reduces the symptoms of stress, it also improves your blood circulation as well as your mood. You will be able to get rid of muscle tension too. After a good amount of time of sitting on your massage chair, you will surely feel like a brand new person.

4. It is economical

piggy bankSome people may think that massage chairs are expensive. Yes, they may not be cheap, but you have to look at the bigger picture. Owning one will spare you from making multiple trips to the spa hence you can keep more cash in your back pocket.…

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Healthy Food for Healthy Brain

woman with vegetablesMany of us are victim of stressful and hectic city lives.

Food habit vulgarity is making us nutrition deficient. We’ve started seeing more numbers of troubling brain diseases than before. Can we do something to stop premature body and mind aging? Yes, we can eat as much natural as possible.

You’re perhaps thinking – what can I eat or drink to help my brain and body stay healthy?

To address that concern, we’ve listed some foods below which will provide the necessary nutritional elements to your brain.

Oily Fish

A recent article from BBC says that essential fatty acids are found in the oily fish. These fatty acids are extremely healthy for the brain. If you’ve access to sources of fresh fish, then try to eat salmon, sardines, trout, mackerel, etc.

Fresh Tomatoes

Tomatoes are loaded with antioxidants. Add tomatoes to the salad to reduce the number of free radicals. Free radicals damage brain cells and are responsible for brain diseases.

Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates are found to have great amount of fiber, magnesium and iron. These substances nourish the blood vessels and improve blood flow to the brain. You will have a better memory.


Eat spinach to help your brain. Why? Spinach is a source for nitrate and antioxidant lutein. If you can improve the level of this antioxidant over the time, it will improve your mental performance. Nitrate will increase blood flow to the brain and keep the brain healthy.

Green Tea 

You certainly can’t ignore green tea for healthy brain and body. Check out the recent article published by Dr. Mercola. Many other doctors also agree with the fact that green tea can protect brain health.

The medical science has already showed many evidences from clinical trials which indicate that green tea can be helpful for treating cognitive impairment.

Coconut Oil 

Your body and brain need good fat. Your brain is made of around 60 per cent fat. A very low level of fat can cause depression. So, according to Forbes, using coconut oil as cooking oil can help your body get the necessary healthy fat.

Coconut oil is good for improving the number of good cholesterol. It will help in weight loss and fight dementia.


This is an excellent brain diet. Walnut has omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E, which will keep your brain healthy and kill the free radicals.

So, if you’re thinking – what can I eat or drink to help the brain, we will say that try to add these foods to your daily diet. Dark chocolates, walnuts, green tea and tomato are the easiest foods to avail.…